• Drop-in events for Tipton, West Hill and Alfington

    30th May 2012 | News | Claire
  • The event is part of the first stage of a consultation, which will ultimately determine where built-up area boundaries will be amended to accommodate the development allocated to villages, until 2026.

    East Devon District Council is proposing that villages grow by five percent of the number of houses within built-up area boundaries.

    Alfington this means five dwellings
    Tipton St John this means 10 dwellings
    West Hill this means 35 dwellings

    Large-scale maps of proposed development sites, as well as aerial photographs indicating where potential development could take place, will be on display at the events.

    East Devon District Council has said it wants to know if residents are aware of any other appropriate sites for housing, they wish to be considered.  And also if residents believe a site is completely inappropriate EDDC wants to be told – via Ottery Town Council – and the reasons why.

    This stage of the process continues until 29 June, after which a team of experts will assess the sites for technical suitability, over the summer. 

    This assessment will not address the issue of whether sites are appropriate to develop, it is more concerned with drainage issues and highways access, for example.  The appropriateness of sites in planning terms, such as proximity to the built-up area boundary, closeness to the centre of the village and so on, will come during the autumn public consultation.  At this stage more information will be available, which will help residents and councillors make their recommendations to EDDC.

    The drop-in events are:

    Tipton St John Wednesday 13 June   – 6.30pm-9pm – Tipton St John community hall
    West Hill       Monday 18 June       – 6pm-8.30pm – West Hill village hall
    Alfington       Wednesday 20 June   – 6pm-8.30pm – Alfington village hall

    Alfington residents have been leafleted and councillors hope to leaflet Tipton St John and West Hill in the next week or so, to promote the events.  Posters are also on display.

    I hope to see many of you there.

    Photograph:  Entering West Hill from Higher Broad Oak Road.