• Dozens pledge support for campaign against quarry

    23rd March 2012 | News | Claire
  • Between 40 and 50 people attended the meeting, despite far fewer invitations being issued.

    Myself, Roger Giles and Mark and Monica Mortimer had issued the invitations to people who had contacted us after we leafleted around 500 residents last week, to tell them about the consultation for a quarry at Straitgate.

    We were surprised and delighted to see so many people last night at West Hill’s Royal British Legion. 

    Roger, as Ottery Rural Ward’s county councillor, outlined the position we are currently in regarding the proposed quarry.

    He asked residents gathered whether they would support a campaign group being formed.  They did.

    Around seven people volunteered to get involved with the campaign group, including Marc Perkins (who is also the chair of Ottery St Mary’s Chamber of Commerce) volunteering to be treasurer.

    The treasurer set to work immediately collecting donations for leaflets and posters.  By the time he had finished working his way around the room, he was clutching a fat roll of notes!

    The campaign team are as follows:

    Marc Perkins
    Jan Thatcher
    Martin Rock
    Robert Neal
    Jo Talbot
    Basil Herbert
    Roger Giles

    Residents raised a number of concerns, including:

    – the effect of continual 44 tonne lorries, rumbling along our roads, every five minutes, five days a week for many years to come.

    – the effect on Ottery’s tourist economy, with an unsightly quarry and its lorries as the gateway to the town

    – potentially serious impacts on drinking water supply to many people

    – the wildlife impacts on two county wildlife sites, Cadhay Bog and Cadhay Wood

    – the longer-term possibilities for the quarry site once it was worked out.  One resident, Toby Thatcher, a geologist, said that quarries often become landfill tips once they are finished with

    – the importance of scrutinising Aggregate Industries’ economic justification

    – the importance of attending the consultation events and writing to Devon County Council with objections