• Diviani says “No” to request to delay office relocation until after secret information release

    12th March 2015 | News | Claire
  • If the reports are so old and irrelevant, why has EDDC spent over £10,000 on fighting the Information Commissioner on their release?! ………………………………………..

    Tonight (5pm) is the joint overview and scrutiny committee meeting with audit and governance committee, which will examine the plans carefully.  The meeting will be filmed.

    Here is Cllr Diviani’s response ……………………………..

    Dear Cllr Wright,

    Thank you for your letter to myself and the Chief Executive. As was made clear in my reply to your Question No. 3 at the recent Full Council, the Tribunal is not related to any reports on the
    state of the Knowle (a report on the repair costs of the Knowle is already in the public domain).

    The Tribunal is addressing an FOI request for sight of Relocation Project Manager reports to the Relocation Executive Group prior to March 2013, not the state of the Knowle. The meeting
    update reports in question are now over two years old. These are historical reports that are not a consideration in the current reporting process and financial imperative of relocation. In due
    course and at the earliest opportunity the Council has already committed to publish reports currently held as confidential.

    Until recently we had heard nothing from the Tribunal since before Christmas and so it is good to hear from the Tribunal that it has a timetable re-established. However, this is a separate
    process to the Council’s decision making on relocation. Furthermore your proposal to delay relocation decisions until after the election was rejected at the Dec 2014 Full Council meeting.

    Members instead wanted to both commission an independent look at the project and continue to make progress.

    Regarding this Council’s reputation, I feel it is important that we are seen to be taking rather than deferring important decisions.

    Paul Diviani
    Leader of Council