• Cllr Diviani:  Ignore the nimbys

    14th December 2012 | News | Claire
  • But this time he didn’t just upset residents, he would have got up the noses of other council leaders, as he ordered them to ignore the nimbys and “just get on with it.”

    He acknowledged that large housing estates can change the character of picturesque villages, but claimed that as soon as people “got their planning permission” they wanted to stop anyone else from moving in.

    He even hinted that there should be more new towns like Cranbrook in Devon (Cranbrook is scheduled to get 6,000 houses before 2026).  He alluded to a ‘housing crisis’ – a term so often peddled by developers and ministers such Osborne and Boles, and blamed the “nimbys” (not in my backyard) or “notes” (not over there either) for preventing development.

    Listening to the interview I wasn’t surprised to hear such a confrontational and uncompromising tone from Cllr Diviani, but as usual (and like government ministers, he gives a misleading picture).

    FACT:  There are almost a million planning permissions not yet built, in the UK, according to the Campaign to Protect Rural England

    FACT:  Developers are landbanking like there is no tomorrow, especially since the publication of the ‘pro-growth’ national planning policy framework, published in March.

    FACT:  Houses are not being built by developers because they fear they cannot sell them, because of the banks not lending mortgages as easily as they once did.

    FACT: The idea that residents objecting to development stops it is not my experience.  My experience is that it is VERY difficult for people to have an influence in whether housing estates get planning permission or not.  It is the local plan that decisions are based on, but some developers seem to have more success than others. 

    FACT: Since the advent of the national planning policy framework it is even harder for residents to make their voices heard because (as seen in Feniton in September) all infrastructure problems can be trumped by the government’s obsession to build build build.

    FACT:  The estate agent interviewed was WRONG.  Yes people do relocate to East Devon BUT inward migration follows the economy and currently and for the last few years, inward migration has slowed considerably, therefore far fewer people are relocating here.  EDDC refuses to take this on board.

    Insulting and misleading residents is not going to get you further forward with your plans, Cllr Diviani.

    The link to this morning’s BBC Radio Devon programme is below: