• Diversion signs made clearer for route through Wiggaton

    10th October 2013 | News | Claire
  • There are have been two reported accidents at Wiggaton, following the start of the diversion on Monday, as very large vehicles are trying to squeeze past each other at the very narrow pinch points in the hamlet.

    Tipton St John residents are also reporting heavy traffic, including HGVs and buses, despite not being part of the official diversion.

    On Monday, I asked highways officers to put up warning signs to help protect the Tipton schoolchildren crossing the road, as the school is on a split site, with the playing field a five minute walk further into the village.  The signs are up now and hopefully vehicles are slowing down when approaching the school.

    I have had several understandable complaints from people who are concerned about property and banks being damaged and are worried about a serious accident taking place.

    Hopefully, more and clearer signs pointing HGVs in the direction of the diversion will improve things until light traffic is allowed back through Newton Poppleford during November.

    I have to say I also sympathise with people living at Sidbury, which is also in my ward. The roads through Sidbury are narrow also (although not as perilous as at Wiggaton), and I already have had complaints from people at Sidbury at the volume of traffic, before the diversion was set up.

    Highways officers have studied all the possible diversion options for traffic and have come to the conclusion that Sidbury is the least worst option, but it is still going to be an unpleasant few weeks for residents.

    The HGV diversion through Sidbury will continue until around Christmas.

    The diversion through Wiggaton and Ottery for light vehicles should be finished by early November.

    Road markings in Ottery

    Another problem, which is that the resurfacing of roads in Ottery have resulted in no road markings, should be sorted in the next few days.

    The combination of heavy traffic diverted through Ottery and no road markings have led to understandable confusion and anger for residents, including a few near misses.

    The road junction markings should be in place again in the next few days.