• Devon NHS proposes major new changes in healthcare - but no local information included

    15th May 2014 | News | Claire
  • The document, which was published yesterday, has been expected for the last few months, but has been delayed a number of times.

    We have discussed the thinking behind the process – known as “transforming community services” many times at Devon County Council’s health and wellbeing overview and scrutiny committee.

    The NEW (North, East and West) Devon Clinical Commissioning Group, which has put together the document, has said it will publish proposals on how the proposed service changes might apply in each locality “in the near future.”

    However, the document (or at least a draft version of it) must be submitted to NHS England for consideration by late June.

    I have written to the chair of the health overview and scrutiny committee about my concern over the short deadline of 8 July for comments, combined with the lack of detail about how the proposals will affect communities.

    A summary of the plans and full document can be found here – http://www.newdevonccg.nhs.uk/involve/community-services/101039