• Devon East Parliamentary constituency: William Hill Bookmakers:  “It’s a head to head contest”

    15th May 2017 | News | Claire
  • A spokesman for William Hill said:

    “We see Claire Wright as the official opposition in that constituency. It’s a head to head contest between her and the Conservatives and the odds reflect that.”

    The Devon East constituency includes the towns of Exmouth, Sidmouth and parts of Exeter. Now County Councillor Claire Wright is fighting hard to become its first independent MP. In the 2015 General Election Mrs Wright came second, with a 24 per cent share, outperforming Labour, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP.

    Mrs Wright says she was motivated to stand because of strong local feeling that the government is ignoring people’s concerns. Mrs Wright says:

    “People are telling me that they are angry and frustrated with the current government’s policies. East Devon residents are looking for someone different, someone who will work solely for them without being tied to a political party.

    “As a direct result of this government’s policies local NHS provision is under threat, education budgets face massive shortfalls, local businesses will suffer hikes in business rates, local council services have diminished under massive government cuts – and national debt has actually increased.

    “As well as this there are real fears of a damaging hard Brexit if the Conservative government is re-elected with a substantial majority, as is predicted.

    “In 2015, although a long-standing and hard-working local councillor, I was a parliamentary newcomer. Now I have a track record that shows how local people are prepared to back me. I am the only candidate who can win this seat from the Conservatives.

    “I am calling on everyone in this constituency from the youngest to the oldest voter to join in a campaign based on progressive values to return me as their MP.

    “As an Independent MP I would be free from the party whip and I would campaign on the issues that local people tell me are important to them. I would be free to speak and free to act. I can campaign on the issues that local people tell me are important to them.

    “If every resident who would like to see change in East Devon votes for me, history can be made in East Devon.”