• Devon County councillors vote unanimously to back two controversial health motions

    8th December 2016 | News | Claire
  • Motion one called for an “urgent and significant increase in the level of funding to the NHS.”

    Motion two demanded the that the Success Regime be suspended while issues relating to the independence of its chair are investigated and for fairer funding for Devon .

    Despite both motions being from opposition councillors – Independent, Frank Biederman (which I seconded) and Libdem, Brian Greenslade, Conservative leader, John Hart took the unusual step of asking for a recorded vote, which meant every councillor had to state how they voted.

    In the end the debate was cut rather short due to a successful proposal by a conservative councillor to bring it to the vote immediately.

    But happily the vote in favour was unanimous, which delighted those people in the public gallery who had taken the trouble to travel from north Devon and sit through at least three hours of business to observe the action.

    After the meeting BBC Spotlight health correspondent, Jenny Walrond interviewed council leader John Hart and then me, on our views on the motion.

    The meeting, the public demonstration and our interviews are scheduled to be on tonight’s Spotlight news at 10.30pm – here – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006pfr1