• Devon County Council to take action on my motions on health services

    13th November 2014 | News | Claire
  • My motion, which I spoke on at the council’s cabinet meeting yesterday, was aimed at ensuring that health services were:

    – firstly regarded in national policy, as a material planning consideration
    – secondly, that the NHS becomes a statutory consultee on planning applications over 10 dwellings

    Currently, a whole range of public services are formally consulted on planning issues, such as highways, environmental health, the Environment Agency, but quite bizarrely, health services are not consulted.

    At a time of enormous financial constraint, it is inexcusable for health services not to be formally consulted on planning applications, or worse, not to receive any financial compensation when a major planning application is approved.

    Devon County Council leader, Cllr John Hart, confirmed at yesterday’s meeting that the council would refer my motion to the Local Government Association, for comment.

    My second motion, on ensuring that communities get the first refusal, if in the very unwelcome event that their community hospital loses all of its beds and minor injuries unit, will also be addressed – through a meeting with stakeholders next year.  The current threat is that community hospitals will transfer to NHS Property Services and be sold off for development.

    My second motion is on ice until after that meeting with interested parties.

    Here’s the short item on yesterday’s cabinet webcast – see item 11 – motions – http://www.devoncc.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/118535