9th September 2015 | News | Claire
  • At cabinet today, it appeared that the opposition groups, including the Indie/non-aligned group, are all of a similar view on how the issue should be approached.

    You can see the discussion about it at today’s cabinet meeting under “Chairman’s Announcements” from the link below, once again sporting a fetching photo of Cllr Richard Younger-Ross for some reason! …………………………………..

    To all Devon County Councillors…………

    Because of a number of requests from Media organisations and some members of the Public I issued the following press release………..

    We have been in contact with Plymouth and Torbay who have identified lead officers with whom we can work and are now contacting all District Councils to see whether they wish to join us in developing a coherent approach across greater Devon, so that we are ready to act quickly when the Government announces the implementation details for this policy………
    I’m sure you will all have seen the heart breaking pictures of the refugee crisis on television and in the papers.

    “There has been an outpouring of sympathy from the British people and I firmly believe that the people of Devon would want us to do our bit to try to relieve the suffering.

    “We are not a housing authority so we are unable to offer direct help. But I understand some of our district colleagues in Devon are already considering offering to house some of the refugees and we will be working closely with them.

    “That will obviously put extra pressure on our services, such as education and social care, which are already the subject of the Government’s austerity savings. So I very much welcome David Cameron’s offer to use some of the overseas aid budget to help local councils meet the cost of resettling people from the refugee camps in Syria – particularly orphans and vulnerable children. We are waiting for more details from the Government on that.

    “However, I have already asked for an urgent review of how our services would be able to cope and what extra financial resources might be needed so that Devon can play its part in alleviating this terrible human crisis.”