• Devon County Council in denial over community composting rate cuts impact

    8th December 2016 | News | Claire
  • In answers to my written questions submitted for today’s full council meeting, portfolioholder, Cllr Roger Croad insisted that the rates of green waste recycling would not reduce, despite the Ottery area’s kerbside collection scheme being at risk of closure meaning that local people would have to travel to dispose of their garden waste.

    He said that in his view there would be no impact on recycling rates or landfill costs because he believed that people would continue to get rid of their green waste at recycling centres.

    Cllr Croad said he wasn’t aware that EDDC had admitted that setting up a similar scheme would be very expensive (and very probably given council finances, unaffordable).

    I was advised to examine the impact assessment on the proposals but this is so vague it is impossible to tell what calculations have been done to assess the impact of schemes such as Otter Rotters going out of business.

    Cllr Croad said he wasn’t aware of the Otter Rotters volunteers (who tend to have experienced the harsher side of life) saying that they they personally view the scheme as a lifesaver.  He added that it was important to look after taxpayers money. 

    It feels very much that DCC is looking at this issue in a one dimensional way and refusing to see the bigger issue which is likely to be that the green waste recycling rates drop and more composting ends up at landfill, costing MORE public money not less, if the plans go ahead.

    See the questions and answers and my supplementaries here – item 5 -https://devoncc.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/244711

    Pic – Presenting a gift to Otter Rotters volunteer Dean in 2014, for all his hard work for the scheme.