It is also unable to turnaround its ambulances at hospitals because of unavoidable delays at Accident and Emergency departments.

The required timeframe for such turnarounds is 15 minutes.

This target hasn’t been met for around two to three YEARS, ambulance trust staff told the committee at last Thursday’s meeting.

I asked about the absolutely damning staff letter that appeared in local press last November calling for the resignation of the Trust’s chief executive and describing the service as “crumbling.”

The committee heard that the Trust had been forced to make efficiency savings and times were tough due to budgetary pressures and an increase in demand of around five per cent.

I proposed that the committee record its concerns in the minutes about the ongoing difficulties and resulting poor performance of the Trust. This was agreed.

Sara Randall Johnson, Committee Chair, added that the committee would investigate further once more information had been supplied.

All in all. A sobering presentation of a service in trouble.

Here’s the itemised webcast –…/po…/webcast_interactive/315015

Pic: Geoff Griffin and Kevin McSherry present to the Health and Adult Care Scrutiny Committee last week.