• Devon County Council farms urged to consider tree planting

    14th August 2014 | News | Claire
  • In a newsletter to all its farmers, Devon County Council says: 

    “In January, the county council’s cabinet adopted a motion stating the many benefits that trees and woodland can bring communities.

    “The motion went further to agree to explore opportunities to increase tree planting on Devon County Council owned land. The county farms estate is an obvious asset where some sympathetic tree planting could take place without impacting on individual farm productivity and viability.

    “If you can think of any parts of your holding that may be suitable for small scale plantations that won’t impact on your farming viability please do not hesitate to call the office to arrange a visit. It may be possible to source funding to create, maintain a new plantation.”

    As the Woodland Trust tree champion for Devon I have offered to help in any way that I can.

    There are 71 Devon County Council farms across Devon and around 21 council owned farms in East Devon.

    Photograph: The beautiful woods in West Hill, owned by the Woodland Trust.