• Devon County Council cabinet to consider two motions on health services - Wednesday

    7th November 2014 | News | Claire
  • The motions, which are below, were in response to the perilous state that our local NHS is increasingly finding itself in.  All motions are referred to cabinet before being brought back to full council for a full debate, unless a councillor can successfully argue that they should be heard at the first full council meeting.  I did try this at last month’s meeting, but was unsuccessful!

    Here are the motions:

    Motion 1
    1.This council recognises the importance of properly funded democratically accountable health services.

    The council also recognises the importance of the availability of sufficient health services to meet the needs of additional housing provision.

    In order that sufficient health services are available, and that services can be increased where necessary, the council considers that health services should be a material consideration when councils determine planning applications.

    This council therefore agrees to ask the Local Government Association to request the Government to amend planning guidance to:

    – require health services to become a material planning consideration in planning guidance
    – require local health commissioners to become statutory consultees when determining planning applications above a threshold of 10 dwellings

    Motion 2
    2. This council recognises how important it is to involve local communities in the provision of health services.

    Many hospital facilities and buildings in Devon have been provided for the local community partly or entirely by the local community.

    This council is concerned that many local hospital buildings are at risk of being declared redundant by hospital authorities, and being sold on a commercial basis.

    The council therefore agrees to support the efforts of the local clinical commissioning groups and agrees to ask the Local Government Association to request that the government requires health authorities to consult with local communities about alternative uses of buildings considered redundant.  And to offer the buildings for community use, before considering other options.

    It is agenda items 12 b and c.  The meeting will be webcast live and archived for six months, here – http://www.devoncc.public-i.tv/core/portal/home

    The meeting starts at 10.30am on Wednesday 12 November.