• Devon anti-fracking group lobbies Osborne

    17th December 2012 | News | Claire
  • Dear Chancellor

    On the decision to embark on a disastrous “dash for shale gas” We, the people of Devon, who love this beautiful county, advise you that we will do everything in our power to protect Devon from the devastation caused by fracking for shale gas.

    Will not allow this technology be implemented in Devon, or indeed anywhere in the UK. We believe that this government’s decision made on the 5th December to generate up to a half of the UK’s energy needs from gas, is reckless and will do nothing to resolve this country’s energy and climate problems.

    We are aware of the experiences from other countries like the USA, where fracking has done untold damage to local communities and the countryside environment. We have seen the film “Gasland” which documents the consequences of fracking, and we urgently request that you do the same.

    A large number of Conservative MPs – including yourself – have constituencies in rural areas which coincide with the areas where the Department of Energy and Climate Change anticipate fracking might take place. Doubtless many Tories will lose their seats as a result of the fracking backlash. There is still time to retract on this foolhardy course of action.

    We are also aware that the extraction of shale gas has irreversible consequences as follows: • The conversion of rural areas into industrial wastelands, crucial in a county such as ours which relies on tourism; • The creation of significant noise and smell, together with the generation of much traffic. • The contamination of water sources with a cocktail of chemicals, many of them cancer-causing; • Air pollution from the fracking operations; • The creation of a large demand for water; • The creation of large volumes of sludge – mostly composed of water and rock, but laced with the chemicals used in the fracking fluid, and this requires disposal; • The damaging impact on the development of renewable energy; • The inevitable fact that our commitment to the UK’s legally enforced climate target is now in tatters.

    The below named members of Frack Free Devon hereby put your government on notice that we will hold you jointly and severally liable for any consequent damage caused as a result of this disastrous decision.

    Frack Free Devon is part of a large and rapidly growing national campaign to ensure that this damaging technology will not destroy our communities and environment as has happened in the USA. We and other groups up and down the country will be doing all in our power not only to oppose fracking but to inform the public about its dangers and ensure that at the next elections there is no future for a pro-fracking administration.

    Yours sincerely

    Janet Astle, Andrew Bell, Sophie Galleymore Bird, Jane Bowden, Claire Cawkewell, Janet Chapman, Dawn Clifton,

    Michael Cook, Mark Cox, Stuart Crewes, Cliff Eastabrook, Fereshteh Ehsan, Audaye Elesedy, Lainy Farmer, Pat Fleming, Pauline Gibson, Emma Grainger, Susan Greenall, Jacqui Hodgson, Alex Holland, Jesse James, Bob Janes, Keith Johnson,

    Ben Jones, Ricky Knight, Peter Laughton, Alan Lipscombe, Johnny Linehan, John Lloyd, Niall MacLeod, Emily McIvor,

    Tom Milburn, Katie Moudry, Sharon Mudge, Nandan O’Love, Sharon Pavey, Isaac Price-Sosner, Ana Pulteney, David Reece, Elinor Scott, Tom Shellens, Maurice Spurway, Maggie Suddens, Tom Thomson, Alan Tootill, David Topple, Loran Waite, Caroline Wakeline, Stephen Wilks, Alison Williams, Mandy Wing, Lizzie Woodman & Natasha Young.

    Members of Frack Free Devon cc to David Cameron, Ed Davey and Owen Paterson