1st October 2020 | News | Claire
  • So today was Anti-racism motion D Day at the County Council!
    It was slightly complicated by a last minute amendment by the Leader, one aspect improved it and another aspect slightly watered it down… BUT..
    A group of King’s School Sixth form politics students have actually influenced Devon County Council’s ruling Conservative group to write to the Secretary of State for Education promoting a better diversity agenda for schools!
    So although it didn’t go quite as far as we would have liked, I think we can be proud of Sandra (who started this whole campaign off!), Anoo, Flo, Lizzie, Luc, Hattie and Asha, Sophie and Sophia – for all their hard work and persuasive powerful communications. It really has been (and will continue to be I am sure) a first class campaign, delivered with elegance and eloquence.
    And I think you all achieved something very important today.
    Many thanks also to King’s School, Devon Development Education and Exeter University for their support.
    And I am so incredibly proud to have helped you with this. Perhaps because my own daughter is just a year younger than you, I kept getting emotional ‘proud mum’ moments. There was another one this afternoon when I heard your truly wonderful speeches.
    Working with you all has been an absolute pleasure. It really has! Happy to be drafted in again on any other project you think I might be able to help!
    Here’s the final agreed motion text:
    That Council be recommended to:
    (a) Support Members to continue to find and take opportunities to promote and celebrate the role and work in Devon by BAME people past and present;
    (b) Support and encourage Members to continue to engage with all residents of devon including BAME people and organisations;
    (c) Note that the streetnames etc are the responsibility of District Councils, however, should the County Council be involved in any such processes, the LGA guidance will be followed;
    (d) Remind schools, settings, DCC Babcock LDP of the Equality Act 2010 Public Equality Duties and how they can heighten awareness arising from the Black Lives Matters movement as an opportunity to review and publish their objective(s) in respect of racial equality and inclusion
    (e) Write to the Secretary of State for Education urging him to encourage schools to;
    i. Capture the voice of children and young people and their responses to the Black Lives Matter movement;
    ii. Ensure that the school environment and curriculum allows all students to see themselves reflected and included;
    iii. Reflect on how they challenge historic and persisting racist ideas and to how they celebrate diversity.
    And here they are! The stars of the campaign – Lizzie, Flo, Sandra and Anoo 😃
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