• Devon County Council gives a disappointing response to my green action plan

    11th June 2019 | News | Claire
  • Devon County Council’s all conservative cabinet will debate my 10 point green action plan for Devon tomorrow morning, but the advice before councillors seems lacklustre at best.

    On almost all the points, the message is mostly ‘no’, ‘not appropriate’, which, after councillors declared a state of climate emergency in February is surprising and disappointing.

    The motion and officer response to it, can be viewed at bottom of this link – https://democracy.devon.gov.uk/documents/s25937/Notices%20of%20Motion%20Briefing%20Paper%20CSO1914.pdf

    I will be attending cabinet and very much hope I can convince councillors to take a more proactive position!

    The motion will be debated by full council on Thursday 25 July, following a recommendation from cabinet.