• Devastating news for Kelly Lynch

    23rd April 2013 | News | Claire
  • Kelly has been battling EDDC to remain on land at Tipton St John for years, including against a prosecution notice and eviction last spring.

    Her application to build a tiny bungalow was borne out of research by her planning agent, John Watts last year, who looked through her grandmother’s planning files and found some information, which indicated that her grandmother may not have received all the information she was entitled to.

    Controversially and perhaps uniquely, Kelly’s application was first approved by the planning committee, and then brought back to committee on a technicality two months later where another vote was taken and the application was rejected!

    An appeal to the planning inspectorate ensued which has now heralded a major disappointment for Kelly.  The planning inspector has dismissed her appeal on highways safety grounds, sustainability and countryside impact grounds, despite the fact that the land is behind a 30 foot high hedge and can barely been seen.

    Fortunately, EDDC’s application for Kelly to foot the bill for theirs as well as her own costs, has been rejected by the inspector.

    Olivia Spencer, the planning inspector, concludes:  “The appellant and her family are an established part of the local community and I understand her attachment to the site where she spent much of her childhood. I am conscious also that the Council’s initial resolution to grant permission for the appeal scheme and then refusal of the application must have been both confusing and very disappointing. On the basis of the evidence before me however I find nothing sufficient to outweigh the planning considerations that led to my conclusions on the main issues.”

    My job now is to do all I can to try and prevent EDDC reactivating enforcement action against Kelly, to force her off her land.

    Read more about Kelly’s story here – http://www.claire-wright.org/index.php/post/tipton_woman_is_facing_footing_bill_for_eddc_appeal_costs/

    Photograph:  Kelly at the Sidmouth march last November.