• Decision on 185 houses at Ottery set for approval

    2nd March 2013 | News | Claire
  • The land lies between Strawberry Lane and The King’s School.  A second, alternative application from Prockter Land LLP, which includes fewer dwellings and a care home, is also listed for approval by the development management committee.

    The land is allocated for housing in EDDC’s draft Local Plan and the application was previously supported by Ottery St Mary Town Council.

    However, the town council later withdrew its support for the application, following the Butts Road planning appeal decision, which has allowed 130 dwellings on land that was not allocated for housing in the adopted or new Local Plan.

    Ward member, Cllr Roger Giles has objected to both Prockter Land schemes on the basis that the number of houses in Ottery St Mary should have been of a maximum number of 300, as agreed by local people and Ottery St Mary Town Council, as well as ward members, he and Cllr David Cox.

    But Tuesday’s recommendation is for approval, on the basis that the draft Local Plan has allocated the land for housing… and of course a lack of a five year housing land supply.

    There are concerns that the widely supported housing application for the Ottermill Switchgear factory site, may find it difficult to get off the ground, due to demolition costs, if the Strawberry Lane application gets approval first.

    I feel very sad about this application.  Because there is a floodzone at Ottery St Mary, which cannot be built on, this development is some distance away from the built-up area boundary, on a hill, currently lovely open countryside, on land near Salston Corner. 

    I have to say that visually it is likely to look absolutely awful.  And although as an Ottery St Mary Town councillor I voted for development on the west side of the town, as the other councillors did, because of the road links, I was voting for development at the factory site, where there is currently an application live for 100 dwellings.  I certainly did not imagine that this development – of a sprawling number of packed in houses halfway up a hill, distant from the built-up area boundary, would be the result. 

    I really hope that the development management committee seriously considers the implications of this disjointed sprawling development and rejects it.  The trouble is, the land has already been allocated in EDDC’s draft Local Plan.

    The debate takes place, starting at 2pm on Tuesday 5 March’s development management committee meeting.

    The agenda and committee papers are here – http://eastdevon.gov.uk/combined_dmc_agenda_050313.pdf