• David Cameron’s young sidekick claims families use food banks so they can spend cash in the pub

    16th December 2015 | News | Claire
  • By brainwashing us to believe that people on benefits are a scourge to society, ministers hope they can get away with unacceptable policies, such as slashing benefits significantly, imposing inhumane benefit sanctions and claiming that the welfare budget is “bloated.”

    Welfare payments (in which the government also includes pensions) cost a fraction of the money that big business gets away without paying in tax every year. This runs to tens of billions of pounds.

    It is so easy for the powerful to sneer at those who have less than them. After all, how do they defend themselves? They don’t have powerful friends and lawyers to lobby on their behalf, unlike the big businesses who are so well looked after by ministers.

    Nor do they have stacks of cash to plough into Tory party coffers when policy announcements go their way.

    People who have the least have to put up with the kind of policies that the more powerful sectors of this society would never have to deal with – in a million years.

    Unfortunately, the attitude in this story seems to be all too common among some Conservative MPs.

    You might remember East Devon’s MP told the Sidmouth Herald in April that people who use foodbanks should “learn how to cook” and manage their affairs better.

    Then there were the remarks, also from Mr Swire at a Tory fundraiser about people on benefits being able to afford an expensive item bidded for.

    It should be a requirement for ALL MPs to visit foodbanks and Citizen’s Advice Bureaux so they can see how their crude visceral policies are affecting those who have no choice but to scrape a living.

    See article here – http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/david-camerons-young-sidekick-claims-1852193