• Crowdfunding my general election campaign gets off to a roaring start!

    11th May 2017 | News | Claire
  • Unlike some major political parties, I don’t have big business financing my campaign – I must fund it myself.

    But running in a parliamentary election doesn’t come cheap!

    There are tens of thousands leaflets to order, publicity materials to pay for – and the deposit to enable me to stand is £500 alone!

    I will not take money from big business because if I am elected I will put local people first.

    I achieved 24 per cent of the vote in the parliamentary election in 2015, with over 13,000 votes and securing second place against the Conservative candidate. I gained significantly more votes than the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party combined.

    I was re-elected to Devon County Council on 4 May, maintaining my position with 3,638 votes – the most votes in Devon and the biggest share at 75 per cent.

    Please donate and help me to become the first Independent EVER to win the Devon East Constituency!

    Thank you for your support