• Cranbrook social housing sell-off rumours quashed

    24th October 2012 | News | Claire
  • Over the last few months East Devon District Council has become aware of a rumour that a large percentage of affordable homes at Cranbrook have been allocated to councils in other areas of the country, so they can move their undesirable tenants to Devon.

    We totally appreciate that this rumour could cause concern but we can categorically say that this rumour is untrue and unfounded. Indeed we believe this rumour is part of a malicious and vindictive campaign against the development at Cranbrook.

    Whilst there is no evidence to support this rumour, here is the evidence that conclusively proves where the allocation of affordable housing is in fact going.

    A Local Lettings Plan has been devised by East Devon District Council in collaboration with Exeter City Council and the developers’ agents to provide the framework for allocating affordable housing at Cranbrook.

    This will be operated under the auspices of Devon Home Choice and will allow for 65% of the affected homes to be let to people on the East Devon housing register and 35% from Exeter City’s list.

    We have also spoken with the developers about this rumour and can confirm that none of the house builders have sold houses in bulk to Councils outside of the area. We can also confirm that the development of Cranbrook has not had any financial dealings with the councils that have featured in these rumours.

    Note to Editor – Details of Affordable Housing Allocations:

    In the first phase of Cranbrook which is currently under construction there will also be shared ownership homes. These homes will provide local people who would not otherwise be able to buy thier own property, the chance to part buy / part rent a home.

    Then there is the ‘affordable by design’ housing. This is housing that is for sale below open market prices. To achieve lower house prices the homes will be smaller than the average size. For example a 3 bedroom house will have a floor area of 60 square metres, when the average 3 bedroom house is normally 75 square metres.

    These properties are being offered to those who want to buy a home; have a local connection to East Devon and who cannot afford open market property prices. Local people who want to express an interest in Affordable by Design homes should contact the East Devon Housing Needs team.

    The numbers of affordable homes at Cranbrook in phase one, as per the Reserved Matters Planning Consent (granted on 7th April 2011 and various subsequent amendments) breaks down as follows:

    • 199 Social rented
    • 101 shared ownership
    • 110 affordable by design
    • 27 affordable homes (falling outside of the HCA funding agreement) – tenure to be determined. To be split between social rented and shared ownership.

    Anyone wishing to view this reserved matters application can do so through East Devon’s planning portal using this application number, 11/0053/MRES.

    Affordable Homes are now available at Cranbrook and anyone wishing to know more can visit http://www.devonhomechoice.com.