• CPRE leaps into action over Boles’ recklessness

    30th November 2012 | News | Claire
  • The CPRE says that England already has the third highest level of urbanisation in Europe and there is no justification for what Mr Boles is plotting.

    They say:  “There’s a bill that’s being debated in parliament – the Growth and Infrastructure Bill – that will allow the countryside to be damaged and erode local democracy…

    “…unless we ask MPs to improve it.

    “We agree we need more houses – but there are already enough previously developed sites for 1.5 million new homes.

    “The Government should be encouraging developers to use these sites – and pressurising them to get on with building the 400,000 homes for which they already have planning permission – rather than build on more and more greenfields.

    “The countryside does not always have to be outstandingly beautiful to be worth protecting – it is crucial that people have places to enjoy peace and tranquillity.

    “Please email your MP now and help us protect England’s wonderful countryside.”

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    View of a beautiful valley, near Venn Ottery.