• Corporate welfare - the truth about who benefits from our taxes

    8th July 2015 | News | Claire
  • A bright well informed friend of mine told me at the weekend that there is a “massive problem at the bottom”…… needless to say we had a heated discussion, because he and many people don’t realise how much utter rubbish we are fed by the likes of George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith about benefits, how much they are costing us and who gets them.

    And their drive to demonise people on low incomes and portray them as “scroungers” appears to have been an insidious but successful strategy.

    I loathe and detest the over-used term “hard-working families” because of what it implies. Which is that people with jobs are worthy. And those without, for whatever reason, ill, disabled, lacking in know-how or opportunity, are unworthy.

    The reality is that benefit fraud amounts to about 0.7 per cent of the social security budget (about £1.2bn) and is treated as a despicable crime BUT wilful tax avoidance by big business totals is at least £25bn a year …. “and is even facilitated by the state, with accountancy firms that promote such tax avoidance seconded to the government to draw up tax laws.”
    Text in inverted commas. Owen Jones. The Establishment.

    The current Tory government (and the Tory led coalition before it) falls over itself to give tax breaks, favourable planning rules and employment terms to big business because, in my opinion, that’s where the party funding comes from… so in the end it is all about power. Certainly not representation of the people.

    And more so now than ever before, mainly because the left has become so weak and there is so little standing in their way, the corporate world is running our country.

    If you still think that people on benefits are scroungers and the government is doing a benignly good job, read on…

    … and then read Owen Jones. The Establishment, Caroline Lucas. Honourable Friends, and Injustice – why social inequality persists. Daniel Dorling.

    We need to actively seek the truth. Because as sure as heck, this government will feed us the very opposite.