• Conservatives pledge to campaign - against themselves?

    18th April 2011 | News | Claire
  • Under the text relating to Sara Randall Johnson, the last paragraph emphasises that the Conservatives will ‘continue to campaign on your behalf and stop over development.’

    This comment is so bizarre that I have had to read it several times on the assumption I had not understood it!

    The thing is the plans for over-development were EDDC CONSERVATIVE PLANS! 

    And what does over-development mean in any case?  Almost 20,000 new homes (growing East Devon by a third) over 15-20 years were considered appropriate by many EDDC councillors last September when the Local Development Framework was launched for public consultation.  So the phrase ‘over-development’ is a subjective one and very easy to wriggle out of. 

    The leaflet claims that voters are ‘showered with promises at election time.’  The second bullet point in their list of achievements is:  ‘Protecting East Devon from over-development.’  Protection from themselves then?

    According to the leaflet EDDC GUARANTEES there will be no over-development of the countryside and radically reduced housing numbers – that’ll be an interesting one to follow up when the Local Development Framework – currently with the consultants for checking – is published later in the summer!

    ‘No concrete on open spaces’  A rather odd statement and meaningless in my view.

    And whatever any of this really means, I think we can justifiably take any notion of the Conservatives ‘campaigning’ or ‘fighting’ against their own policies, as complete nonsense.