• The most successful Independent candidate in the country for 14 years ….!

    8th May 2015 | News | Claire
  • But it was clear within 10 minutes that I hadn’t… but Hugo had. So I knew then that I had lost.

    Felt gloomy for about half an hour before deciding that me and my team had given it 100 per cent, couldn’t have done any more and that life would deliver other opportunities for me to change what must be changed.

    The declaration was expected at 2.30am but didn’t happen until after 7am! So it took considerably longer than expected.

    Talks of queues around the block at Sidmouth polling stations had initially encouraged me, but the turnout in the end – 72 per cent – was almost identical to 2010. And Hugo’s majority increased, although his vote shared decreased.

    On entering the Knowle at 10pm we had to sign the Official Secrets Act and weren’t able to communicate what was going on in the verification or count. Apologies for the frustration that was experienced by so many of you who stayed up hoping to hear the results at that time!

    The high point of the night was a group of supporters from Exmouth Community College students sixth form, including the very bright Greg Medlock, arriving at 2.30am, hoping to hear the declaration.
    I felt awful not being able to tell them what was happening and then an officer shooed them out of the building as they weren’t authorised to be there, which was such a shame!

    The campaign kicked off last June so it has been with me for a long time. It will take a while to get used to living a life without endless leafleting, door knocking missions, masses of leaflets, poster boards, rosettes and all the other paraphanalia that has taken over our dining room in the past year!

    I would have loved to have been East Devon’s MP but I am happy that I gave the tories a good run for their money and a bit of uncertainty!

    Thank you so much to all those who have been involved in my campaign. And those of you who have supported me in so many ways!

    I received over 13,000 votes so that is a true demonstration of East Devon residents’ faith in me.

    According to Joe Tidy from Sky News I am the most successful Independent candidate in the country for 14 years!

    Off back to the Knowle in a bit to see the East Devon Alliance – Independents working for you and other Indies wap the Tories in the EDDC elections!!

    Here’s the story in the local press – http://www.devon24.co.uk/news/claire_wright_most_succesful_independent_in_uk_1_4068018