• Cllr Paul Diviani’s response on funding comments wrangle

    11th March 2014 | News | Claire
  • Well hello Claire

    This was one of many conversations I have around the district which are frequently without an agenda or minutes taken. The topic as I recall was a perceived lack of funding for OSM as opposed to other towns, which you will know to be a misconception (there is a perceived lack of funding in other East Devon towns as well where no one says they receive more than they need).

    I don’t recall any particular comment on involvement of independent councillors but it could well have arisen in general conversation if at the time independent councillors such as you and Roger Giles had been involved in speaking against development in OSM and West Hill. Development as you know is the major source of funding for socially desirable projects via S106 or a unilateral undertaking.

    How else do you suggest these projects are funded other than by increasing council tax, car park charges etc?

    Kind regards