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    27th June 2013 | News | Claire
  • A support button has been added to the group’s website, which contains all sorts of information about the proposed scheme, which would be between Feniton and Ottery initially.

    The Sidmouth Vision group, with the support of Cllr Stuart Hughes, is beavering away on its part of the project and longer-term the plan is for the schemes to meet, to form a continuous cycleway from Feniton, to Ottery, to Tipton to Sidmouth, following as much as possible, the old railway line, that was pulled up in the late 1960s, under the Beeching cuts.

    The Ottery based group, which includes me, Roger Giles, Jo Elliott (chair), Ben Jones, Kirby James, Simon Stokes, Claire Sheridan, Carole Grimsley and Michael Brittain, meets on a regular basis. 

    Last month members of the group took a stand at the Ottery Food and Drink Festival and gathered many signatures of support.  The more support the group can demonstrate, the more likely Devon County Council is to look favourably on funding the scheme.

    I will be at West Hill fete this Saturday (from midday to 4pm) to help promote the cycleway.

    Apart from being a fabulous day out, which it would be, it would also be a boost for our local economy and would encourage more people to get out and take exercise, as well as provide a safer route for more children to cycle to school. 

    The countryside surrounding the old cycleway is absolutely stunning and it is difficult not to be impatient for it to happen.  Public support is the key!

    Click here and pledge your support – http://ottertrail.org/ 

    Photograph Kirby James:  Part of the old railway line, in woodland between Feniton and Ottery