Since the election was called on 29 October, the positive energy surrounding the Claire Wright campaign has rocketed. There has been more support than ever before behind Claire’s campaign. We have had several hundred supporters out door knocking, leafleting, installing election boards, attending public events and engaging with Claire’s campaign on social media channels.


Yesterday it was announced that that East Devon has seen an above-average rise in the number of newly registered voters – up 6 per cent or more than 5,000 people since 2017.


It is likely that the energy and enthusiasm around this campaign is partly behind this surge – let’s hope that many of these want the same thing that we all do – a different kind of politics.


We hope Claire’s social media channels have kept you updated, but here’s a quick update on what’s been happening during the campaign trail so far…


We have knocked on 30,000 doors, around 80 per cent of the constituency.

Around 900 election boards have been installed by a team of 25.

12,000 envelopes stuffed with letters and manifestos to postal voters and

hand delivered within 10 days.

60,000 manifestos delivered across the constituency by 300 volunteers.

Over 400 roads in Exmouth door-knocked by 20 canvassers.

On Facebook alone, we have reached around 65,000 people.

Thanks to the core team and wider supporters, the word of positive change is spreading! Public support on the doorstep has been extremely motivating.


Over the past few weeks, Claire has made a very strong presence at the various  hustings across the constituency. If you were unable to attend, here are the links to clips from the events:






It must also be mentioned that local and national media coverage of this year’s election campaign has been incredible. Every week Claire has had various national news reporters and TV crews following her on the election trail. Here are some highlights: 


Mail Plus: The Michael Crick Report: Our man visits Tory-held Exmouth to assess the threat of the Independents

Mirror: Tories could lose ‘safe’ seat after 150 years as Hugh Grant begs voters to oust them

I News: General election 2019: Disgruntled Tories may stay at home in East Devon, giving Independent candidate Claire Wright a chance

Newstatesman: Rural revolt: The independent rebellion threatening Tory Devon




The final five days of this campaign are going to be absolutely crucial – let’s make every day count. Please continue sharing your support in this final push, be it on the ground or on social media. Let’s keep talking up the prospect of an Independent MP. Let’s keep going until 10pm next Thursday.


With huge thanks,

Claire’s team