• Campaigners can win - our forests are saved!

    2nd February 2013 | News | Claire
  • It was over two years ago that I read a national newspaper’s alarming headline, that the government was planning to sell-off our publicly owned forests.

    Campaigns kick-started everywhere to try and prevent this from happening, amid fears that the public would end up being locked out of our woodlands, once they fell into private ownership.

    Or worse still, that the trees along with all the life they support, would be felled to create golf courses or holiday parks.

    Ministers initially claimed that this was a load of baloney.  However, I suspect what they were telling us was actually the baloney.

    A long and hard fought campaign lasting over two years by 38 Degrees, the government has finally caved in and agreed to keep our woodlands in public ownership.

    It is a testimony to what can be achieved with determination, widespread public pressure and the internet …

    Well done 38 Degrees – fantastic news and fantastic work!

    Read more here.  https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/page/share/forests-timeline-graphic-share