• Business forum numbers drop … but planning remains a focus

    17th February 2013 | News | Claire
  • Just 11 people attended the meeting on 13 December … BUT when the EDDC councillors and officers are discounted, it leaves just six business people, including EDBF vice-chair, Roy Stuart, Crealy owner, Chris Down, Bill Murray from Devon Contractors and Tim Ford of Fords of Sidmouth. 

    Greg Page-Turner from the Federation of Small Businesses and Val Baker from the Blackdown Hills Business Association were also present.

    Things seem to have changed a lot since the EDBF was at the height of its influence with EDDC in 2007, when the group dismissed an independent report on industrial land and instead created its own submission, lobbying successfully for far more industrial land than was necessary, according to two independent reports.

    At this time attendances were regularly around the 25 mark, with most of that number being businesses, largely landowner-developers.

    But the minutes below, reveal that EDBF may be pursuing yet more “employment land” along the A3052, despite the truly enormous amount of such space allocated until 2026, in EDDC’s Local Plan… and of course the hundreds of empty industrial units across East Devon.

    As you will see from the minutes (link below) item 63 reveals that “consideration on the up-take of employment land within and beyond the A3052” was to take place at the February meeting, which was held last week.