• BT engineers planning temporary fix to as many phones lines as possible today

    28th February 2016 | News | Claire
  • Unable to find out very much information via Twitter, yesterday I contacted BT’s chief executive, Gavin Patterson.

    Head of customer resolution, Paul Gilhooley, replied within a few hours to say that an emergency team of engineers would visit the site.

    I am grateful for his email update yesterday evening:

    “As promised a quick update on the position of providing service to West Hill and Ottery St Mary.  The damage to the Openreach infrastructure is significant but we have a plan to resolve.  Openreach will have an operations team on site tomorrow and we will replace 2 lengths of cable and give a temporary fix to restore service to as many customer as possible.  We will also have engineers attend Monday to deal with any outstanding faults and work out a permanent fix. 

    “We are working with the contractor who caused the damage and they have exposed the damaged cable to support a speedier resolution to this issue.”