• Broadband improvements

    17th March 2011 | News | Claire
  • Regular disconnections are annoying for anyone, but for people who work from home – and there are many of us in the village, myself included, they are particularly troublesome.

    I raised the issue at Ottery St Mary Town Council and aware that several residents had complained to BT without success, I decided to write to the chief executive, Ian Livingston. 

    Shortly afterwards I received a letter from the regional director of BT Openreach, Bob Challacombe, who met with me and Cllrs Roger Giles and Ray Bloxham.  Bob quickly set his teams to work, investigating what the problem was and the best way to fix it.

    Bob’s team finished their work in December, repairing cables and renewing connections and many people have contacted me since my news release to say that their speeds and reliability has improved. 

    I am aware that not everyone has seen an improvement.  It may be that the fault lies with the internal wiring set up, the age of the computer or the service provider.  If you are one of those who has not noticed a difference you need to investigate these issues first before BT Openreach will be able to look into things for you.

    Super-fast broadband is on its way.  In around three years West Hill residents should expect to see their internet speed increase by about 10 times the current speed, with the installation of new fibre-optic cabling.