• Black Wednesday protest demo - Saturday 23 March, Feniton

    12th March 2013 | News | Claire
  • Residents are urged to bring placards, wear black or bring bags marked “swag” to demonstrate all the cash that developers are about to make after the end of March.

    Of course, Feniton is the ward of disgraced councillor, Graham Brown.


    A newly formed East Devon campaign group will stage its first protest demonstration next week, against environmentally damaging new national planning regulations.

    The march, which is being organised by the East Devon Alliance (EDA) at Feniton, will aim to draw attention to the serious problems caused in the district by the government’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), now almost a year old.

    On Wednesday 27 March, dubbed “Black Wednesday” by the EDA, the environmental problems will become even more serious as all councils without adopted Local Plans, will be forced to apply a presumption in favour of development, which will allow far more building in inappropriate places.

    East Devon District Council (EDDC) is one of around half of all councils in England that will not have an up-to-date Local Plan by 27 March. The Campaign to Protect Rural England, the National Trust and EDA believe that this will lead to widespread environmental devastation across the country, with developers taking advantage of the most deregulated planning system in half a century.

    EDA chair, Ian McKintosh, said: “We are holding the protest at Feniton because it epitomises all that is wrong with the NPPF. Feniton is allocated 35 houses in EDDC’s draft Local Plan.

    “But it is looking at the possibility of 300 houses and more, with EDDC representatives admitting that they don’t think they will be able to defend refusing large–scale applications at appeal.”

    Dr John Withrington, chair of action group, Fight for Feniton’s Future, added: “If all the applications currently in the system are approved our village will mushroom by almost half in just a few months. Developments will not only wreck the lovely countryside around Feniton, but will totally overwhelm the schools and medical facilities.

    “Developers will be working up large-scale unsuitable applications for many other parts of the district and across the country, because of relaxed planning rules in the NPPF.”

    The EDA wrote to planning minister, Nick Boles last week, urging him to defer the 27 March deadline by a year, as well as asking him to restore the balance in national planning policy so that social and environmental considerations are as equally important as development – an approach that has been enshrined into national planning policy for the previous 50 years.

    Meet at Louvigny Close, Feniton, 11am, Saturday 23 March. 

    Map of how to get to Louvigny Close is here:  https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&q=map+louvigny+close+feniton&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x486d9a6e56374e79:0xe7938538a24b084b,Louvigny+Close,+Feniton,+Honiton+EX14+3UW&gl=uk&ei=Tso8UdjHEZTB7AbUn4GIAg&ved=0CC8Q8gEwAA