• BBC Sunday Politics takes a look at localism

    12th May 2013 | News | Claire
  • My interview that I carried out with Jenny Kumah earlier this week was broadcast, in which I outlined my views on localism, which weren’t very positive.

    Despite all the evidence staring everyone in the face that localism is a farce, I still hear government ministers and MPs talking about it as though it actually exists and enthusing how communities get a say in “shaping their communities” (groan, what a horrid expression that is!)

    Also interviewed was new Independent councillor for Feniton and Buckerell, Susie Bond, who spoke about the pressures from development, Feniton is under.

    Tipton resident, Tom Corcoran, spoke about his view on localism.  (Tom mowed a vote of support for me into his lawn, prior to the county elections a couple of weeks ago).

    Former councillor, Graham Brown, also made an appearance, with his recorded interviews from March being rebroadcast in part.

    EDDC leader, Paul Diviani, was hooked up by video link for a live interview in the studio, in which he described localism as a “Westminster idea.”

    LibDem MP, Adrian Sanders was in the studio with new Cornwall councillor and former Labour MP, Candy Atherton, debating their own views.

    Mr Sanders seemed to be saying that as long as councils had a Local Plan in place, localism was alive and well.  This is also nonsense in my view because the planning system is not set up to favour people’s views it is (certainly now more than ever) to allow development.

    If you want to watch the programme on iplayer, click on the link below.  It should be set at 36.10, which is when the East Devon item starts.  If not, just drag the cursor to that time.