• BBC coverage on Kelly Lynch planning committee u-turn

    25th October 2012 | News | Claire
  • The programme carried interviews with a distraught Kelly herself, who now faces the possibility of prosecution, me, mayor of Ottery, Cllr Glyn Dobson and her agent, John Watts.

    We all spoke in support of Kelly. 

    East Devon District Council issued a statement but declined to put anyone up for interview.

    You can listen to the programme HERE, for the next seven days.

    East Devon District Council’s full statement, which was submitted to BBC Radio Devon is below:

    “Whilst we have every sympathy for Ms Lynch’s feelings after this unfortunate set of circumstances, this is a classic case of an individual being caught up in the rigours and constraints of the planning process. The regulations are not of the council’s making; our task is to interpret the rules in the interests of behaving fairly towards everyone in the district.

    Ms Lynch has known for many years that her occupation of the bungalow was not authorised. When she applied for planning permission, the advice of EDDC Officers was quite clear – that the proposal should be refused. Councillor Claire Wright pleaded her case with Members and they were persuaded to give permission. Because granting permission would have been a departure from normal policy, it was dependent on there being no objections to the decision.

    It is Ms Lynch’s misfortune that her own uncle chose to object. In the light of this objection, the Council was left facing the prospect of a legal challenge if it issued permission without returning the application to Members. Officers had no choice therefore but to take it back to Members to review their original decision in light of the objection.  The harsh reality is that this proposal was always in danger of being rejected.

    Ms Lynch does have the option of lodging an appeal against the decision but the Council does not believe such an appeal would succeed, especially in light of the site’s previous history in terms of Planning Inspectorate rulings on enforcement action.”