• Aylesbeare Parish Council’s objection to a quarry at Straitgate

    14th April 2012 | News | Claire
  • Members of Aylesbeare Parish Council would like the following points to be borne into consideration:

    The overused B3180 road, which would be used to transport aggregates to Blackhill Quarry for processing, just is not suitable for this volume of traffic.  This road originated as a track for horses and carts and does not have any foundations other than compacted earth and about 100 years of tar spray and chippings.  It is at present carrying 42 tonne trucks from Venn Ottery Quarry to Blackhill Quarry, using the hazardous junction at the Halfway Inn, and causing extensive damage to the road surface and erosion of the road verges and banks.

    This damage and destruction has been so extensive that stretches of this road have recently been closed for several days for maintenance works to be completed causing a great deal of inconvenience to all road users but in particular the local businesses and residents.

    Not very long ago the road was completely overhauled and resurfaced together with the installation of concrete road drainage channels and, in some places, concrete kerbs.  This has all proved to be totally inadequate against the continuous pounding from these very large articulated lorries.  These lorries are so big that they have difficulty in passing when travelling in opposite directions and this occurs at very regular intervals causing interference to other road users and substantially slowing the travelling time across the common.

    Any increase in the use of these huge lorries on this narrow road will adversely affect members of our parish as will the resulting dust and fumes making it unbearable for those who live along the road and very much more inconvenient for all road users.

    Aylesbeare Parish Council most strongly objects to this proposed development of a quarry near Straitgate Farm, Ottery St Mary.