• Aylesbeare Parish Council objects to proposed quarry

    4th April 2012 | News | Claire
  • This evening, councillors, at their monthly meeting, were particularly concerned about the 40 tonne lorry movements, which could be in the region of around 100, or one every five minutes.

    As Aylesbeare’s district councillor I presented the situation and explained the key issues.

    It is understood that Aggregate Industries plan to process the pebbles at Blackhill Quarry on Woodbury Common, which would mean continual slow-moving noisy lorry traffic along the B3181.

    Chairman, Ken Chun said that he did not like that the road edges were already being worn away by the lorries travelling between Venn Ottery quarry and Blackhill processing plant.  They said that the B3181 was not suitable for this size and level of traffic.

    Cllr Alan Ringe was worried about potential noise and dust affecting Aylesbeare.

    A unanimous decision was taken to object to Straitgate being a preferred site for quarrying.