• Aylesbeare Parish Council announces result of housing survey

    14th November 2012 | News | Claire
  • The most popular location, with 34 per cent of people in favour of it, was the playing field at Bendarroch School, which closed last year.

    A total of 102 residents expressed a preference that housing should be built on this land.

    Aylesbeare is allocated five dwellings in EDDC’s Local Plan, which will be in place until 2026.

    The survey, which was delivered to 225 residents, with a 69 per cent return rate, also showed that there was a ‘strong interest’ in the provision for leisure facilities such as tennis courts or skateboard park.  And parish councillor, David Timms reported that there was a ‘significant interest’ in planning for a village green, post office or shop.

    There was also interest in:
    – increased bus services
    – the introduction of traffic calmers
    – levelling of the recreation area
    – provision of allotments
    – provision of toilets and a car park

    Following a short debate on housing in the village it was time for the district councillor/county councillor’s reports.  My EDDC Ottery Rural ward counterpart, Cllr Tony Howard gave his report, which focused largely on the protests at Sidmouth on 3 November and the controversial office relocation.

    But Aylesbeare Parish councillor, Noel Finegan asked Cllr Howard to provide facts and figures to support the case he has publicly made supporting EDDC’s highly contested proposal to relocate its offices from Sidmouth to Honiton.

    Cllr Howard’s report was published last month in Aylesbeare’s parish newsletter Topics, as well as the Tipton Times and Alfington’s Parish Pump.

    Cllr Finegan said he was interested to read Cllr Howard’s article, but was ‘disappointed’ in that no facts or costs were put forward.  He said:  “In your article you told people that they must stick to the facts, but where were the facts or costs?  Surely a decision can’t be made until the costs are known?”

    Cllr Howard replied:  “We don’t have the costs yet, they are being worked on by the project team.  No decision has been made.”

    Of the protests that took place on Saturday 3 November, Cllr Howard said:  “It is a distraction that we don’t want.  We want to govern the district but our concentration is going on Sidmouth and Exmouth.  It is taking time out from doing the job.”

    He added that leader, Cllr Paul Diviani pledged when he became leader, that he would be transparent:  “But transparency has risks,” said Cllr Howard.

    Cllr Howard added that Cllr Diviani was far more open than his predecessor, Sara Randall Johnson, and for that he was “paying the price.”

    On the subject of the Knowle move, Cllr Howard emphasised that the Knowle was a wonderful site but it was not the right place for an office. 

    “Sidmouth is making its campaign felt, it is a tough time for EDDC,” he said.