• Austerity is over, says PM who last week said it was vital

    13th June 2017 | News | Claire
  • This makes me feel happy and furious all at once.

    As a councillor who has seen firsthand the suffering caused by austerity, this statement simply proves it was a fat lie all along.

    A big fat lie perpetuated by a bunch of wealthy ruthless people determined to shrink the state and demonise people who have the least.

    An obsession by the power hungry elite who have never known a day’s financial hardship in their lives, to reform this country into a tax haven for wealthy businesses, while hollowly claiming that this country must have a “buoyant economy” to fund public services.

    Of course, many of us knew we had been lied to but this really takes it to a new level.

    It has taken the shock of an uncertain future to get them to admit it.

    So are they going to reinstate the billions they have slashed from public services?

    Are they going to scrap the despicable sanctions system which penalises the disabled, the unwell, those people who have the least ability to stand up for themselves?

    Are they now going to do a major about turn and actually look after the poorest and most unwell people in society?

    And what about the NHS, which has seen 15,000 bed cuts in seven years, as well as looming major service cuts centralisation through the sustainability and transformation plans.

    If there is any justice they will put right what they got so wrong in the last seven years.

    But to do that they must go into a deal with the odious Democratic Unionist Party, whose views are in line with the most hardline right wing party most people could imagine.

    The climate change denying DUP is anti LGBT rights and abortion and they’re in favour of the death penalty.

    Oh and they have links to loyalist paramiltary groups…didn’t one leader get pilloried in the right wing press recently for claims of similar such links? #DeepHypocrisy

    Any such deal could undermine the rather shaky peace in Northern Ireland.

    But such is the desperation to cling onto power that all these things are to be swept aside, as a deal is expected to be agreed today.

    On the upside the Queen’s Speech is expected to be cleared of any policy that the Tories don’t feel they can get absolute support for in parliament.

    This is a new era in British politics. And while there are some despicable deals afoot, I am optimistic that the voters in this country are finally waking up to the lies we have been told for seven years.

    Let’s see what happens in the next election, which may not be too far away….