• Around £700,000 of East Devon taxpayers money spent on shambolic EDDC office relocation so far

    4th December 2014 | News | Claire
  • Last night, a senior officer said he could not confirm how much the abortive negotiations at Skypark had cost, which started in February and were recently abandonded.

    Cllr Diviani told BBC Radio Devon listeners that a move to Honiton and Exmouth would cost in the region of £10m.

    We also know that millions must be borrowed to achieve this.

    Cllr Diviani struggled to answer a question that Matt Woodley put to him several times, which was whether EDDC’s HQ, Knowle, had been valued early on in the process. Cllr Diviani’s reply seemed to say that the Knowle had not been valued by estate agents, until recently, only by surveyors. 

    The now halted plan to build new offices at Skypark has been dropped on the grounds of unaffordability, partly because the Knowle was thought to be worth more.

    But Cllr Diviani claimed that the relocation project had been conducted in a “logical and orderly fashion.”

    He also claimed that the Knowle needed repairs worth £15.9m.  Yet half of the building dates back only to the 1970s.

    Cllr Diviani labelled mine and the views of other residents interviewed as “vitrol.”

    Listen again to the interview here. It was on at 8.15am – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02c7n1v

    See what the East Devon Alliance have to say about the interview here – http://eastdevonalliance.org/

    The story was the second on the news bulletins and there are interviews from residents Tony Green, Robert Crick and me, which are played every 20 minutes or so.