• Appendix to East Devon Business Forum minutes - June 12

    6th July 2012 | News | Claire
  • East Devon Business Forum is only open to members of the business community and in 2007 membership was restricted to businesses or representatives of businesses employing 10 or more people.

    Our role is relay our concerns and hopes for the future of our businesses and the future of East Devon.  For us to prosper, employ staff, pay rates, income tax, VAT, PAYE, tipping tax etc we have to have PROFIT.

    Somehow to some people PROFIT is a dirty word.  Without PROFIT we go bust.  End of story.

    No more staff – no more paying taxes.

    Without PROFITABLE companies the whole economy will collapse.

    So I am not prepared to apologise to anyone, especially Counsellor Claire Wright, for spending hours with other members of the Business Forum and then pointing out to East Devon District Council the ‘inaccuracies’ in the total amount of land available and the ‘fact’ that much of the land included in the Atkins study as employment land was not immediately available’.

    This view was ‘fully supported’ and that ‘findings of the Atkins report were fundamentally flawed and that there was a lack of employment land within the district.’

    The findings were adopted by East Devon Corporate Overview Committee in November 2007.

    Since that time (even in the recession) hundreds of new jobs have been created in East Devon in many varied positions from tourism to warehousing.

    I would hope the whole Forum would like to endorse Matt Dickins’s response dated 16th May 2012 which clearly sets out the council’s position and ‘robustly’ defends their positions since 2007.  Especially paragraph 8 conclusions and soundness of proposals.

    It is ironic that while the whole world is concentrating on JOBS and GROWTH.

    From CHINA to AMERICA.

    From LEFT, RIGHT AND CENTRE governments.

    A member of East Devon District Council has spent so much time and effort trying to do exactly the opposite.