• Appeal lodged to build 130 homes at Ottery

    15th August 2012 | News | Claire
  • The appeal will take the form of a public inquiry, and is expected to take around four days.

    Redrow Homes is challenging a refusal for 130 houses on a field next to Butts Road, which is grade 2 agricultural land.

    It is understood to be fifth major public inquiry appeal challenging the strategy of the new Local Plan.  A public inquiry is the most formal of all appeals and involves barristers and teams of planning experts, which slog out meticulous and detailed arguments, for days, in front of a planning inspector.  Residents can also make their own representations at the inquiry.

    Earlier appeals were at West Hill (50 houses, Tipton St John (56 houses) and Lympstone (120 houses).  All appeals have been dismissed by planning inspectors, so far.

    The latest public inquiry appeal took place last week, lodged by Wainhomes, against a refusal to build 50 houses at Feniton.  The result will not be known for some weeks.

    Newest appellants, Redrow Homes, are claiming that the adopted Local Plan, which expired in 2011, should be given only limited weight as it is out of date.  They claim that the new Local Plan, currently in draft should also only be applied limited weight, because of the many objections to it.

    Redrow Homes claim that instead the application should be determined in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework, which states that the supply of housing should be ‘significantly boosted.’

    The five year land supply for housing is also a feature of the grounds for appeal.  The developer claims that not enough land for a five year’s supply of housing can be demonstrated in this area. 

    This is a continual challenge from developers at appeal, as it a Government requirement.  EDDC has consistently argued that there more than enough of a supply of housing in this area but what the developers aren’t keen on is that EDDC splits the district into two and considers that the principal urban area (Westclyst, Cranbrook etc) has less than a five year land supply. 

    The council considers that the rest of East Devon has more than a five year land supply.

    Under the new draft Local Plan, Ottery St Mary Town Council and EDDC have expressed a preference for development to be on the west side of town, where transport links to major roads are better.

    No date has been set yet for the inquiry.