• Appeal for 10 dwellings allowed in West Hill

    23rd October 2013 | News | Claire
  • EDDC refused the application at West Hayes, West Hill, first in 2011 and secondly last year,on landscape grounds and that the land is outside the built up area boundary. Both times an appeal was lodged by the developer.

    But the first appeal, which was dismissed on the grounds that building here could damage the appearance of the parkland (landscape grounds), especially the view from a public right of way running alongside the field. 

    But this decision took place before the National Planning Policy Framework was published, with its weakening of countryside protections and presumption in favour of (sustainable) development.

    Ottery St Mary Town Council last year carried out a consultation on where 35 new houses should be built in West Hill, as specified under EDDC’s local plan process. Three areas were selected by residents for possible development. West Hayes was not one of them.

    The field is large and could accommodate many more houses than the 10 given permission.

    The only reassuring aspect about the appeal is the number of protections put in place for the trees, which is good as there are many beautiful trees here.

    Photograph:  The parkland at West Hayes, where 10 houses have been given permission to be built, on appeal.