• And now it is snowing!

    4th April 2013 | News | Claire
  • Looking at the plants, daffodils and trees, it seems as though we are stuck in a miserable weather groundhog day, somewhere about the beginning of February.  There are virtually no buds on the trees, the daffodils are still only just emerging and it is horribly cold. 

    The poor birds are thinking about nest building but any chicks unlucky enough to be born in this min ice-age are almost doomed, with freezing temperatures and hardly any food around.

    Last week we heard on BBC Radio Devon that butterflies are scarcer and scarcer, with last year being the worst year in memory (or similar) for the abundance of the insects.

    The wind cuts you in half and everywhere you look people are muffled up in hats, scarves and thick coats, as though it is midwinter.

    Everyone is urging the weather to warm up, but I expect the irony will be that as soon as it does, there will probably be floods!

    We are living in crazy weather times for sure.