Why should I vote for Claire?

Claire has already stood in two General Elections, winning more than 35% of the votes in 2017. She is an Independent, which means she would be able to vote as an MP in the interests of East Devon, rather than having to follow a party line. She has already been a Devon County Councillor since 2013 so she understands local issues and is used to working cross-party to achieve the outcomes we need for education, NHS and the environment.

What good can an Independent do without the backing of a major Party?

Claire has already achieved a lot as an Independent County Councillor. Fort example, she was a leading figure in the battle to keep Ottery St Mary’s hospital open.

In the House of Commons, every MP has the right to a vote and in a hung Parliament the vote of an Independent could be very significant. The most important factor is that many MP’s must follow the Party line and cannot easily vote with their conscience. Claire would be able to make her own mind up and vote with the interests of East Devon at heart. It is worth knowing that our current Tory MP does not live in East Devon, is rarely in his constituency and always votes with the Tory Whip.

I really want to vote Labour

Unfortunately, Labour are not well supported in East Devon. A vote for Labour is in effect, a vote for Sir Hugo Swire. Claire is the only credible alternative to a Tory MP in East Devon. She won 35% of the vote in 2017 compared to 11% for Labour. If you look at her Manifesto, you’ll see that Claire is an active supporter of education,  the NHS and the environment and will do her best for all the people in East Devon.

I really want to vote LibDem

The support in East Devon for the Liberal Democrats has fallen dramatically, only winning 2.4% of the vote in 2017. In the 2019 local elections, they were also outperformed by Independent candidates. A vote for the LibDems in East Devon is a wasted opportunity to have a different MP.  Claire is an active supporter of education, the NHS and the environment and will do her best for all the people in East Devon.

Can an Independent candidate have a meaningful manifesto?

Yes, every MP should have their own manifesto! Claire carried out a survey in 2017 to see what issues people care about in East Devon. She conducted a new survey in 2019, to which more than 500 people contributed. The responses will form the basis for a new manifesto. As an outline, Claire will:

work cross-party to achieve better funding for the NHS and social care;

work with teachers, headteachers and education professionals to find ways to support our schools, improve funding and standards;

work vigorously to protect our environment from over-development and habitat loss, while campaigning for more action against climate change;

support local businesses and encourage more local sustainability;

address the very real concerns affecting young people in East Devon;

work to ensure the UK enforces human rights standards and environmental issues in any trade deals we make id Brexit goes ahead.

What does Claire think about Brexit?

Claire voted remain and is opposed to the UK leaving the EU. She doesn’t believe a deal can be reached that most MPs will agree to and is passionately against an exit without a withdrawal agreement, which she believes is irresponsible and economically disastrous.

Claire has campaigned with Devon for Europe and believes that the government should hold a second referendum, now that more information is known about the implications of leaving the EU – and a no deal Brexit looks like the most likely outcome.