• A task forum to protect trees gets underway at EDDC, next week

    23rd November 2014 | News | Claire
  • The taff, of which I am a member, was prompted by a motion that was debated at council over a year ago (October 2013) – read about the debate here – http://www.claire-wright.org/index.php/post/tree_motion_deferred_to_set_up_task_and_finish_forum

    I lodged the motion – which was directed at persuading central government to provide greater protection for trees – because I was (and still am) heartily sick of developers taking matters into their own hands and ruthlessly destroying beautiful mature trees so they can make a bigger profit.

    I have had acrimonious battles with developers who do this – and then take exception to me writing about their behaviour on my blog.

    I love trees and woodlands and do all I can to try and protect trees during the planning process. It is not easy to do so though, if trees are not under a preservation order. 

    The Woodland Trust asked me to be its Devon tree champion after I liaised with them over tree protection.

    Back at full council in October 2013, my tree motion was deferred until a task and finish forum was set up to examine planning policy relating to trees. 

    Just over a year later (and repeated querying by me at overview and scrutiny committee meetings) the forum is ready for action.

    I am hopeful that we can make some really effective recommendations to central government on improved tree protection.

    The members are:  Roger Giles, Tony Howard, me, David Key and John Humphreys.

    The meeting starts at 9.30am on Friday 5 December and is in the council chamber at EDDC. See the agenda here – http://new.eastdevon.gov.uk/media/519325/tree-taff-agenda-combined-051214.pdf

    Public speaking is at the start of the meeting.

    Photograph Crantock, West Hill:  Many of us were very angry at the felling of two 150 year old healthy oak trees by H&H Prestige Homes, last year.