• A desperate message from Feniton

    25th November 2012 | News | Claire
  • This is the second time this week their properties have been flooded and they are at the end of their tether.

    They have cleared all the mud from the inside of their cottage, acquired fresh sandbags, washed four loads of towels, bought another wet vacuum and are awaiting the next bout of rain, which may arrive this evening.

    Feniton Parish Council is arranging a meeting in the coming week, with councillors and key agencies, who will be asked to come up with some short-term measures to try and improve things for residents…………………………………

    Hi Claire and Roger,

    Yet again Sweethams and our neighbours, Metcombe Cottage, was flooded in the early hours of Wednesday morning, despite four people at Metcombe and the two of us working from approx 2.30am till 11am (practically non stop) with the use of a pump, buckets, brooms etc.

    Our neighbours called the fire brigade about 6am as despite nearly getting it under control at one time the flood water just over took us all and flooded the whole of their ground floor, we also had water in the house, and the workshop attached to the house (approx 8 – 9 inches) but managed with the use of a water vacuum and sandbags to keep it out of the living room, the garden was also flooded.

    This was the worst it has been since the 2008 flood. NOT SURE WHAT WE CAN DO ANYMORE TO PREVENT THIS HAPPENING ALL THE TIME. If we had not been here and worked so hard to prevent the water entering it would have been much much worse. As a consequence of all this work my husband and I were very sore and stiff, I have had spinal surgery as this constant sweeping and bailing with buckets etc causes discomfort.

    Today my husband and I have cleared all the twigs, pieces of rubbish, some bottles, a plastic sword and loads of leaves from the ditch that runs along our propery down to the next cottage at the entrance to escot. I have been on edge all day feeling sick, I have constantly been looking out of the window, checking the water level in the ditch and the road outside. We tried to purchase a larger water pump but they are sold out everywhere, and have one on order to hopefully arrive Wednesday next week but again we have to be here to set it up and use it.

    I have looked on the Environment Agency website to see how to prepare for flooding and we have done all the things they suggest except, plastic door and windows as this is a listed building. We need something done about the ditch as it is not adequate.

    With the 50 houses being built by Wainhomes, and I now understand they have applied for another 50?????? we are extremely worried and upset. We have no faith in the planning inspector and think that this will now open up the floodgates for more development in Feniton (sorry for the pun).

    We are interested to know how we can find out exactly where we are in relation to the funding for the flood prevention scheme which was originally planned for 2013/2014?

    Whilst I understand how upsetting it is for other residents in Feniton to have the roads and their gardens flooded we also have OUR HOME flooded despite every attempt by ourselves to prevent this.  WE CAN NO LONGER FEEL SAFE HERE, I WILL NOT SLEEP TONIGHT WITH THE PREDICTED WEATHER FORECAST, WE ARE BOTH SITTING HERE WITH THE WATER PUMP, WATER VACUUM AND A SUPPLY OF SANDBAGS IN THE KITCHEN.

    I have never been a “negative person” but I am truly feeling one at present. We just want to relax,  enjoy our home in Feniton, and not constantly worry about the rain and the weather forecast……………not sure this will happen.

    Sue & Terry