• 300 houses between Gittisham and Honiton approved (again)

    6th September 2014 | News | Claire
  • The view from the landscape impact statutory consultee, Natural England, was that the impact of the application would be damaging.

    The two AONB teams agreed. Relatively strong language was used, such as “a significant intrusion of the built area into the rural landscape west of Honiton….” and other similar phrases.

    I was shocked that Devon County Council’s request for section 106 funding (standard funding to make a development less damaging) was refused.  DCC education teams requested over £800,000 as the local (Honiton) primary schools were at capacity, shortly to go over capacity. But the officer’s report stated that the formula was not in line with DCC’s policy, so should be disregarded!

    However, when I queried this with DCC officers they stated that their request was very much in line with their own policy and local schools were full and about to become over capacity. A degree of surprise was expressed that EDDC should disregard the request. 300 houses is going to have a significant impact!

    Officers advised that nothing had changed and that councillors had resolved to approve the application before. Councillors were also reminded that the land supply situation had worsened and this should be taken into account.

    Yet things had changed. There was new information in relation to strong adverse views from two AONB teams and from Natural England.

    Aside from this the application is stuck on the most western edge of Honiton, well over a mile to the nearest services at Honiton. The land (11 acres or so) is in the Gittisham parish, but the impact will be in Honiton.

    Read the full story on Cllr Susie Bond’s blog – https://susiebond.wordpress.com/2014/09/05/great-sadness-as-300-houses-are-approved-at-planning-inspections-committee/