• 19 dwellings go to appeal at Tipton St John

    3rd January 2014 | News | Claire
  • Devonshire Homes applied to build the houses last year on land between Mallocks Close and Otter Close, which was refused by EDDC on sustainability grounds.

    Previous applications by Devonshire Homes on this land have included 56 dwellings in 2010 and 28 dwellings in 2011.  The appeal for 56 dwellings was dismissed by the planning inspectorate in 2011.

    The appeal at Tipton St John will be dealt with by written representations, rather than by public inquiry, which was the way in which the 2011 appeal was determined.

    In 2012, 15 houses (very controversially) were approved on land designated area of outstanding natural beauty, next to Barton Orchard at Tipton St John.

    Tipton St John is allocated 10 houses between 2006 and 2026, in EDDC’s local plan. 

    Photograph:  The field that Devonshire Homes wants to build 19 houses on, viewed from the proposed access on the road between Ottery St Mary and Sidmouth.